Host a Portrait Day


I recently published my new list of Portrait Days to be held over the summer at locations that I love to work in such as Studland Beach and here in the grounds of the Bell Tower in Shaftesbury. Last year, I was asked if I could hold a Portrait Day at my clients homes. This worked brilliantly and allowed the children the freedom to run around the gardens and house. So I am inviting you to host your own Portrait Day at your home in Dorset, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Somerset, Barbados…. if you don’t ask! I travel throughout the UK and my only stipulation with hosting your own Portrait Day is you invite three other families throughout the day. There is no fee for the shoot to them or you and if you host a day then you also receiveĀ from your portrait, a beautiful 20 inch fine art framed print valued at Ā£350as a thank you from me for opening up your home. We do all the organising of times etc and you have the pleasure of spending the day with your friends, as well as your own family being photographed at your home.

If you are interested in hosting a Portrait Day then drop me a message or call the gallery 01747 854 509