Whilst away photo training in Tunisia and since I came home, I’ve had chats with photographers about their work and their aspirations for their businesses – some of whom are new to the business – others who perhaps have been established for a while and have secure businesses but who perhaps recognise the need to be producing work which is out of reach of the mainstream, to take their work to another level.
I believe with the ever changing market, with the competitive market that we are in to the point of saturation, that photographic training and working on existing skills is fundamental.
At Bella West School, we offer comprehensive training tutorials – from set date small groups to one to one fill day sessions, a six month mentoring programme and a one year mentoring program for those who wish to have continued guidance and projects. The latter being totally designed to the individual in all areas of social photography- a wholly bespoke program of one on one workshop, mentoring and guidance throughout the term.
Concentration is very much on the simple make up of photography, encouraging students to build their portraits, to slow down and to compose images in their heads before their cameras.

1 to 1 full day practical £495 pp (wedding/portrait or business)
2 to 1 full day practical £399 pp – if you and a friend.colleague are at similar levels, share the cost.

Group workshops (maximum 6 delegates)
One Day group on location childrens portrait workshop 15th May £425 pp
Two day residential workshop childrens portrait 19th & 20th June £795 pp inc accommodation

Mentoring Programs – details on request as this is very much designed around your requirements:

Six month mentoring program £2250 pp
One Year mentoring program £4500 pp