Portraits of a Photographer by Bella West

It’s always a huge honour to be commissioned by fellow photographers to photograph their lives, a difficult choice to make as we are surrounded with so many options of styles and what moves us on a personal level, I wouldn’t know where to start..
Sophie Lyndsay contacted me last year as although London based, has family in the local area here and clearly this part of the world is very close to her heart – a world away from city chaos and a place that she spends her holiday time with her boys and family.
I had taken a look at Sophies lovely work but really it’s not until you meet someone in person that you get a feel of where to go with a portrait.


Win Green, 2013

Win Green, 2013

Sophie was very definite about where she wanted her portraits to be taken, a special place that she spends with her boys, Sam and Freddy, in the summer months. Win Green on the Dorset/Wiltshire border, standing proud with 360 views over the incredible Vale towards Shaftesbury to the West, Salisbury and the Chalk Valley to the East, lends itself to photography which marrys the environment with people so beautifully. It really does encompass everything that I love about working as a portrait photographer – the perfect studio environment.


Bella West Photography

After a false start due to the weather (difficult to believe we had a grey day last summer) we held out and waited for one of those balmy summers evenings.
Sophie’s gentle manner and soft nature, her connection with Sam and Freddy allowed me to somewhat hold my breath and not intervene, just to let the pictures develop naturally. This way of working, certainly for me, allows for portraits which are full of emotional wisdom through not interfering with the connection between Sophie and her sons. That aspect of the pictures was there for taking, how I composed the images would bring the whole thing together – I hope!