Award winning Portrait Photography

I was delighted to receive the news this week that I have been awarded a Gold award and runner up in the prestigious BIPP Photographer of the Year Awards
Having spent the past few years on judging panels including that of the BIPP, I’ve not entered my own work for a while. I’ve never questioned the value of entering awards and striving for further qualifications for the main reason that it gives me something to work towards, to keep moving in a highly competitive industry.
The specification this year for the BIPP entry was to showcase five images from a collection of work, in my case the photographs that I made with the amazing felt artist¬†Gladys Paulus¬†last year. It’s been a delight to work with these masks, they seem to have a life of their own and invite their own interpretation from the viewer which for me is the fun part of photography, anything goes and you can make your own story.So, just a little styling, but I kind of feel they need to tell their own story so I just pressed the shutter.
Here are the five images that made up my collection.