Alex & Henrietta at the Larmer Tree

So it was a while ago, April 25th to be exact, but I am at last getting around to some blogging and updating people on new work and ventures. Bear with me – its been an amazing year so far, of new ventures and opportunities for me.

The Larmer Tree, I have been making pictures at since they first started their weddings – I photographed many of my favourite events there and despite my familiarity with the gardens, each time I go there, I find new and inspiring locations. All credit to the team who are sympathetically nurturing and establishing the grounds, keeping the authentic, romantic essence.

And thanks to Gail Thomas, coordinator extraordinaire, for encouraging Henrietta to opt for a professional photographer.  Henrietta was not enthused to have someone record the day visually but seems delighted that she did. In fact, I have found a lovely email from Henrietta which I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing.



Dear Bella,
We are now safely back from our honeymoon and finally (vaguely) on top of things enough to be able, finally, to get round to sending this email!
We wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for your work on our wedding. I was actually a little skeptical about having a photographer, having been at far too many weddings where there are endless group shots, and the bride and groom are constantly dragged off for posed shots. You, however, were so marvellously discreet, and I thoroughly enjoyed our tramp through the Larmer woods – it did indeed give Alex and I a moment to breathe and say hello to each other! I am now so converted to the idea of wedding photographers that a friend of mine who has just got engaged, and who asked for my opinion on the pros and cons of photographers, was subjected to a torrent of enthusiastic rambling from me.
A bit like this email!
Anyway, back to the original intention – our sincere thanks. We are so very happy we were able to work with you, and are positively silly with excitement at the prospect of seeing your shots!
Very best wishes