Wedding Photography Wiltshire



Two years ago I photographed the most beautiful, fun, Wiltshire wedding  – take a look at Daisy and Damians pictures here  for an idea of how quintessentially English their wedding was. With Broadchalke church filled to brimming, we dodged the showers and hot footed it to Daisy’s parents home with 360 views across the Wiltshire countryside, a breathtaking setting and offering endless opportunities amongst the farm buildings and within the grounds of the family home. The famous Chalk Valley History Festival was being celebrated in neighbouring fields and the highlight of the afternoon was a flypass (I’m going to say a Spitfire as a sketchy guess) before the heavens opened again. In all, a celebration of marriage and the coming together of families and friends in the wonderful way that weddings do.



So that was two years ago. Fast forward to 23rd July this year and I am back at Broadchalke church and to the beautiful setting of the Busher family home high on the hills to photograph the Wiltshire wedding of Daisy’s sister Rosie to Robert. As I drove up the mile long drive to the family home, the imposing marquee presented itself amongst the long grasses and two giant “R” figures beyond that to be lit later in the evening. It is always such an honour to be invited back to photograph the second, third or even fourth family member, there’s that wonderful familarity both for me and more importantly for the bride, groom and their families. Its so very important that they feel at ease with me, as important as the photographs..

The marquee stood proud in the family field, surrounded by those wavering long grasses which I had my eye on, knowing that the evening light would flow through giving that wonderful golden flare to the photographs, so saved that one for later. I love the chaos in the mornings of weddings, some undertones of panic and normally the father of the bride keeping a wide berth. And great to see all the professionals who have been commissioned going about their business. In this case, the caterer of all caterers, Victoria Blashford Snell. I pride myself on having a cool head, but Victoria exudes the calmness that could instill either complete reassurrance or total panic amongst mother of the brides. Fortunately, her impeccable reputation of being one of the finest in the business, ensures she never fails to go beyond impressing. The bouquets, you will see from the photographs, fitted perfectly with the wild English theme of the day, beautifully crafted by Sprout and Flower of Mere. Of course, my job is to observe and I see all the things behind the scenes that make for such a spectacular day. One thing out of my control is the English weather, but that is what it is and wedding photography is very much about adapting to changes as they happen. With Daisy’s wedding in 2014, we had beautiful sunshine followed by torrential rain – perfect for me, the best of both worlds! At Rosie and Roberts wedding, wall to wall sunshine and that gorgeous evening sun that I love working in. Add to this, some very cute bridesmaids with post chocolate adrenalin confidence, offering me endless moments of the above type photographs and I am one very happy wedding photographer.