A very country wedding…














OK, so the summer has been incredible, the sun has shone almost continuously for two months. I’ve not had any deliberations of what to wear at a wedding that I normally do when we have fours seasons in the one day. I love England and her invarialble weather and light that it brings to Country Wedding photography. As a Dorset wedding photographer, the venues and locations that I work in throughout the year, change dramatically and over the years I’ve learnt to embrace both bright sunshine, torrential rain, fog and ice. So perhaps the summer we have had, lulled me into thinking I could get away with little pumps as against the normal boots (wedding photographers cover a lot of ground during the day…!). So July 27th looked to be yet another perfect day, even with a 3pm weather warning of rain (I gave up trusting the forecasters years ago), I donned those pumps and set out to Katherine and Tom’s Dorset wedding.






A completely beautiful 1.30 wedding at Silton church, Katherine arrives looking totally mesmerising and radiant, everything about this wedding was truly English – we do them well.. And as a wedding photographer, working in these environments gives opportunities to embrace all the finer touches of which so much thought has gone into.




Half way through the service I stick my head out the door to be greeted by one almighty black cloud. Just as I know the position of the sun will be at any given time, I also judged we had around 45 minutes before we were in trouble with that pending storm. So with just a few family group photographs (I take a maximum of eight), the guests headed off to the marquee while Katherine, Tom and I made a detour through some farm buildings for some portraits. And then the heavens opened…. and more, and then it decided to set in for the day. But without these extreme weather conditions, I wouldn’t have used the interesting locations such as some farm buildings with the most beautiful, soft window light and textures and we wouldn’t have had such an essence of spontaneity that makes wedding photography come alive.








As per my previous post, covering the wedding in its entirety, though to the evening frivolities is worth the extra fee – especially if you have flamboyant wedding guests, this is when wedding photography becomes really fun! The evening of Tom and Katherine’s wedding has to be up there as the highlights for me – to the point where I really didn’t want to leave. A great band, great people, and a very strong unity between friends was wholly visible, I hope the images tell the story..
































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