I love that my work is so varied and each week brings something new and interesting, whether it be out and about shooting, a new project to get my teeth into, travel or new inspiration.
Last week was a special one, starting on Sunday with a shoot for Anna and Alex whose Charlton House wedding I did around five years ago. this time with the uber cheeky George and Henry along with their cousin Ellie. On location at Granma’s house…

After the Grosvenor showcase on Thursday we hotfooted it to London on Friday to the great venue that is the British Film Institute for the prestigious BIPP National awards where I was nominated & awarded a bronze award in the wedding category for an image I took last year at Pythouse Walled Garden

If you’d like to take a peek at the full set of winning images they can be viewed at the BIPP.
Awards always cause discussion, that is the beauty of photography, in fact any art. It is subjective and personal. The judges chosen are all highly qualified in their fields and represent all genres of photography. Having been on the panel in previous years, I know how a judges true passion is revealed when discussing images. If you entered but weren’t successful, it doesn’t mean you are not good enough, you can use it as a springboard to work hard at your skill and come back next year with something amazing…..
Sadly we couldn’t stay for the rest of the night as I was spending the next day with one of my students, Paul O’Donnell for a shoot at Chettle House. Paul has come into the industry after years as a trader (photography is far more chilled…) and is passionate about refining his skills. Chettle provided some great backdrop for Paul to grasp the use of location. light and theme. Stylist Lauren’s daughter was hanging out with us so I took the opportunity to keep her busy and grabbed a few shots of her in front of a walnut table, (made for a great backdrop)

and Lora being made up in between sets…

So the perfect end to the week being Mothers Day on Sunday – and some special time with Lauren and Evie. After a shaky start (they forgot the teabags….), wine and homemade scotch eggs at the Beckford and a walk around the Fonthill Estate. Lauren made the perfect roast dinner (whose to care she forgot to peel the potatoes, they are healthier with skins on…!). I consider myself wholly lucky to have two beautiful, funny daughters that I consider my best friends.