“I’m a quiet observer, composing images within my camera with little in the way of intrusion. For natural results, it’s  important to work with sensitivity to everyone around me  it should be an easy and fun experience for everyone. Always looking to introduce fresh ideas and concepts to each assignment, whether it’s a wedding, portrait or fine art commission, there is no set formula, I won’t shy away from tradition and would like my work to be seen as timeless yet current.

Despite this being my livelihood, I consider photography as something I can give, its a gift I can present to you. So the thought process behind each shoot as it happens, is not about financial gain.  It’s about how I can give the very best to someone. To take their breath away. When I press my shutter, I am creating a legacy within someones family & that’s something that I value more than anything”

Bella West

Noted for its great sensitivity, UK portrait photographer, Bella West’s work draws the viewer in to create an emotive response through her use of location, light, style and timeless, yet current, nostalgia, providing a definitive and unique quality to her images.
To truly appreciate light and space, Bella’s portraits are all shot on location, using the elements, seasons, tone and colour. Her flair for quiet observation enables her to compose images within her camera with little intrusion. Introducing fresh ideas and concepts to each assignment – from weddings to portraiture and fine art commissions – Bella’s style of photography is driven by her ethos of producing current imagery that retains a strong classical edge.

The result is beautifully observed, bespoke, individual and to be cherished. Bella’s work is exhibited extensively and published in print and online, and her work takes her around the world as an image maker, lecturer and judge. Bella gained a fellowship with the British Institute of Professional Photography with a collection of natural light portraits of children. Bella is Chair of Judges for the 2018 BIPP National Photographic Awards.