I am delighted to hear I have been shortlisted in the wedding category at the BIPP Professional Photography Awards 2012. Having not entered for a while due to either being on the judging panel or just lack of time to prepare images, its great to know that I can still cut it! It really is a huge surprise, as with most photographers I imagine, your own work is your least favourite and I am my harshest critic of what I do – I think that is what keeps the imagination fresh and looking for new things. It’s very easy to become a little flat and lacking in inspiration when you are a busy photographer, so being recognised at this level really is a confidence boost and gives me the itch to get out and do more and do it better – that is how I benefit from the accolade rather than the kudos it may bring.
The image itself was at a wedding I shot at the lovely Pythouse last year – I will pop it up here after the awards.
The BIPP is at the high end where awards and qualifications are concerned, and I believe upholds the highest standards – the judges selected are at the top of end of their game and I’m sure much discussion was had in order to come to their decisions in each category.
So, I will be winging my way to the Film Institute in London on March 16th to see the other successfully nominated images, and I’m sure to be humbled by the exhibition of photographers at the top of their game.