“Pictures are wasted unless the motive power which impelled you to action is strong and stirring.”  Berenice Abbott

I mostly consider myself a working photographer, at the coal face.  The passion is not about taking portraits, it is about giving. Of course, it is my livelihood too, but the force behind that is the gifting of a fragment of something to someone that is forever.

I believe this attitude is beyond the grasp of any technical knowledge, it is a foundation and lies deep rooted in any successful  photographer. Without the hunger and the open mind to be nurtured, pushed and taken out of your place of comfort, no amount of technical knowledge will help you develop. What that gives you, is the space in your creative mindset to invent and subsequently nurture a photograph, set of portraits or the development of a project. This is an ethos I try to instill in my students – we can work towards gaining qualifications, awards, financial goals, but there is no shortcut to this and ultimately, your success  is about your skill and your attitude to how you achieve.

So, when I have the  pleasure of working with a student, there is no template to the design and style that is to be achieved. The eye, the drive,the feeling, the creative ideas – they all come from the student and each student is individual. My role is to understand the ideas and give my students the tools to implement. The aim is for the process of seeing an idea through to the end result, to be second nature. It’s about me taking your ideas and giving you the tools to develop them. Once you have that, you can run with it and conquer your ideas.

It’s mostly about slowing down, taking elements away as well as adding, stripping things right back to making considered portraits. I encourage students not to be fearful of traditional methods, and to ‘see’ before reacting then find ways of introducing them into your own way of working.


I offer one to one day workshops, two to one day workshops, 6 month and 12 month mentoring programs.

For assessment and training, creative goal setting, assistance with working practice, my six month and twelve month programs are an investment in your skill and gives you the springboard to take your work to higher levels. This may be in the form of professional qualifications or your own creative goals. Emphasis on personal projects and development of style is encouraged as well as on going regular critiques.
Each program is designed around my students and their objectives, it is a bespoke training program so this is not template training. You need to be hungry for this and be prepared to be taken way beyond your place of comfort..
In the first instance, get in touch and we can discuss your next big journey.

1:1 one day:  £650 or share the day on a
2:1 one day: £800

6 month bespoke mentoring: £2500
12 month bespoke mentoring: £4800