Children’s Fashion in Shaftesbury….an autumn shoot.


Last week took me out with some of my favourite local suppliers, Stomp shoes and the Faithful Elephant, for a mini Children’s fashion shoot in Shaftesbury to showcase both Stomps great kids boots and those gorgeous little tutus of Faithful Elephant of which I secretly hanker after …
Autumn and Spring are my favourite times of year, Autumn bringing of course the rich reds and rusts – but its not just about the colour itself, its the richness and tones that work so well – I wanted to incorporate this richness into the photographs of Ella. So although, the purples and greys are not ordinarily linked with the season, I think the warmth of the tones is undeniably Autumnal….

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Shaftesbury of course provided a the perfect backdrop for this Autumnal children’s fashion shoot and we needed just the one but beautiful little Ella whose wonderful temperament gave me endless opportunity – sometimes when shooting Children’s fashion, a photographer needs to factor in the mood of the child and to use tact, sensitivity and often, bribery (!) to create the images required. Working with little Ella, there was none of that, so what ever I asked of her, she gave, it really was just down to how much I could push myself, which is ideal (until I get creative block). Thanks to Sloanes of Shaftesbury for the use of their lovely wallpaper!