With the jubilee frolics well under way alongside half term, it may have slipped your mind that Fathers Day is just around the corner – 12th June. This year, instead of that last minute mad rush to Tesco’s for the biggest Toblerone on the shelves, you could give your wonderful dad something which has slightly more emotive value than nougat chocolate. Portraits of his children are something unexpected – they can’t be eaten, they can’t be put on the shelf with the DIY books from previous years and you can’t polish the car with them, but they do have longevity and hold an emotive value that no amount of money can buy.
At Bella West we will offer you the opportunity to covertly have some wonderful portraits in time for fathers day, alternatively we can provide gift vouchers and then he can set a date to be involved in the shoot if he wishes. To book fathers day gifts and order vouchers, just give us a call at the gallery 01747 854509 or drop us an email mail@bellawest.co.uk.