A collaboration

So those of you who follow me here or on Instagram, will know that I occasionally host a workshop, maybe one or two a year. Usually this is in the form of children’s portraits on location, which is the area that much of my work is taken up. I’m going to write about this later but I wanted to just show you a little collaboration I worked on a few days after the workshop with an idea I had for the headdress I commissioned from Sarah Pettigrew.

To liven things up a little at my workshop, I wanted to create a statement piece in the form of a natural headpiece. Individuality is so important and as an accent to my general portraiture, I’m sometimes asked by my clients to do something different, to make something to fit within a brief or style (yes, I have the best clientele who allow me this freedom once in a while). So I had an inkling of an idea for the headress which I put by the incredible florist Sarah Pettigrew, (Spring Hill Florals). We created a bit of a mood board in Pinterest, not as a way of copying but so she understood my ideas and how I wanted to style the shoot. She grasped it and more.. I’ll go more into how we worked her piece on the workshop on my next blog. But essentially, her brief from me was something wild, think dead birds nest, hedgerow, destruction. Contrastng with beauty and vibrancy. Sourcing an incredible array of dried flowers from Sherborne based, Paul Stickland (BlackShed Flowers), Sarah went big with my idea and I was so delighted to have this piece to work with. You know that feeling when you go to the hairdressers with an idea and it’s interpreted exactly how you envisaged? That’s feeling.

So although this headdress was for my workshop, I called up Lisa Standerwick who has so often worked on projects with me. In any creative work, there is always a risk of stagnation and resting on ones laurels so we are both always enthused to work with each other to bang out ideas and put them into reality. I encourage those of you who are contemplating personal work to please go for it – have some fun with a concept, be open to others ideas and allow yourself to build on an inkling..
Ironically, a couple of weeks previous, I had spotted a dress in the charity shot which I mulled over whether to get for a styled shoot in the future. As it happens, Lisa had seen the same dress and claimed it (if you’d smelt it you ‘d understand why I say she’s welcome to it…!). Sloanes staff member Leah was willing to model before she started work one morning, I had a perfect backdrop (near my home, so literally crawled out of bed, shot the picture, the dog got walked and we went home for breakfast – that’s the way to work!). A combination of Lisa on hair and makeup, the stinking dress, my fantastic assistant in Rachel Kolb, morning light, a lovely breeze to lift the scene, and this incredible head piece made for all the elements coming together.