Wedding at Pythouse

The best weddings are about people – friends & family – I’ve been to some incredible weddings, sumptuous locations where no expense is spared on entertainment and accessories; but remove the grandeur and the one thing that makes a wedding wonderful, is the bringing together of people. Allowing those behind the scenes to do their job in their special way is most certainly conducive to the harmony of how the day will run . Harry and Elena gave me the free rein to work in the way that I most enjoy, and given we had four seasons in one day, made for exciting use of the elements. The Quaker ceremony was a first for me and being the impatient fidget that I am, I admit to struggling with the silences but in fact, it was one of the most moving and sentimental ceremonies I have attended…. Elena’s choice of vintage dress lent itself perfectly to whimsical romance – all very well until the heavens opened on the top of Park Walk and all aspects of grace and demure abandoned as we charged for the car.. Hot footing it back to the wedding reception at the whimsical Pythouse gardens for celebrations. Thankyou guys for being so easy going and allowing me the creative space to work in and of course for Pythouse Walled Garden just for being there….I give you Harry, Elena and Seth.

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