Melissa and Andy celebrated their small intimate wedding a the Larmer Tree gardens in Wiltshire a couple of weeks ago. With Melissa’s family making the voyage from Australia to be a part of a quintessential English wedding. With the reception being held at Melissa’s mums lovely pub the Foresters, deep in the Wiltshire countryside.

The English weather proudly held her own by keeping the rain at bay and not letting the English side down, allowing the fun, frivolity and champagne to flow in what is that wonderful relaxed fashion that is The Larmer Tree Gardens.

I was treated to Melissa’s unquestionable elegance (as was Andy) which fits so beautifully within the colonial feel of the Larmer Tree wedding, a man with a fine moustache, some entertaining and magical children and a most exuberant granny on a space hopper – all making for a fine collection wedding photographs.

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