Mothers Day 26th March

Mothers Day this year for me is slightly different in that my favourite eldest daughter Lauren, has taken herself off to Australia as part of her gap year. By 26th March, Mothers Day, she will be sunning herself in Indonesia. Evie and I (favourite youngest) miss her terribly. Its the day to day  things that slightly grinded on me that I find myself missing.




What’s missing:
The house lit up like Nasa when I come home, and there’s noone in

Thermostat is at 30 degrees, and there’s noone in.

Familiar cups of tea with a grey/blue crust layering

Lunchboxes under the bed containing more fur than the dog

The deep routed under bed search for forks when faced with eating everything with teaspoons

Scattering of individual towels for each limb..

Traditionally, I  have never been bothered about material gifts on Mothers Day – three things that the girls did to make it special are tea in bed, toast on Marmite (it’s with you for the rest of the day) and of course, a homemade card.
Evie I’m sure will step up and treat me to a bit of a lie in, and a Facetime chat where Lauren can talk to us like she’s in the next room.
So although I value every day as a mum and a friend to my girls, Mothers Day is a day for reflection and crystallising memories.

Looking back over photographs, I have many wonderful pictures of the girls, uncontrived snapshots which I love, as well as some more serious pieces taken throughout their childhood. You cannot put a value on these photographs – it doesn’t matter if they’re out of focus, someones blinking, one always pulling a face. They are a moment in time, a split second of history. I can’t find too many of me with the girls as of course, I was always this side. But the ones I do have are precious and having come out the other side now with teenagers, I more than ever see the value of photoraphs.

As always on Mothers Day, I run a Portrait Day, just for mums, or dads who are both mum and dad. In previous years I have held these at beautiful Dorset and Wiltshire venues such as The Larmer Tree Gardens and Pythouse Walled Garden
I select Portrait Day locations for their ambience, to invite mums to take their time, have a portrait with loved ones, children, grandparents, maybe the dog comes too.
This year I am so so delighted that the beautiful Dorset hotel, 10 Castle Street set in the heart of Cranborne village have invited me to run my Mothers Portrait Day in their exquisite grounds. The gardens lend themselves to soft whimsical portraits contrasting  beautifully with the compelling symmetry of the building. And if the weather isn’t kind, wonderful, natural window light leaves us no excuses!

So if you are unaware of how my Portrait Days work, it’s very simple..
You book your time with me – allow 45 minutes for your shoot
10 Castle Street will welcome all mums who book their portrait, with a glass of Prosecco
Bring the children, grandchildren, the dog – there is no limit to the number of people in your portrait. Or be indulgent and just have your own portrait of you
You relax for the rest of the day, lunch and family time
We arrange a date for you to come to my gallery to view your images.

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All my work is presented in print, frame or print box/albums. Because I want you to have photographs that are beautifully finished, I do not sell digital image files.


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