“In the middle of an English Winter..??!!!” I hear you exclaim!

Portraits on Studland

Oh yes, we are made of strong stuff here in Dorset and love nothing more than the beach in winter, and Studland being a fusion of natural wilderness amongst the grasses in the dunes and some great views of Old Harry in the background is the most wonderful, nostalgic backdrop. You may want to think again about having your hair ‘set’, that will soon be blown around and your make up may run through either crying with laughter or just the wind in your faces. But I do promise you some wonderful, natural portraits of you and your family – the dog is welcome at that time of year too. Or what about bringing the horses down to the beach…!!
As usual with my portrait days, the session itself is free of charge, but we do need to assign you a time as they prove very popular and I want to maximise my time with you.