Portrait training

March took me back to Holland to see my lovely Dutch photographer friends whilst I was on a trip to the Netherlands. I’m always struck by the passion and thirst to learn whenever I’ve worked on portrait training sessions in the Netherlands. The day was hosted by Margo de Wijk at her wonderful home studio which offered incredible natural light throughout the day, little pockets of wonderful. So, as with all photographic training workshops, everyone wanted to shoot pictures, thats the fun part. Working inside with Luca and Sterre in the morning, we ventured around Margos’s pretty town and found various areas of interest. Wherever you are in the world, there are always locations – I don’t adhere to getting excited about grand backdrops. First up, is the light, always. Once thats in place you can add interest such as texture, movement, graphic, expression, composition, scale etc. But without that initial gem of light, it’s like painting a wall without undercoat.. This small collection from the day, I hope, demonstrates this and how placement and directional light play the main part then accents of movement, playing with colour and mood fall into place quite naturally.