Phew….what a month! My neglect of my blog has been a constant niggle in the back of my mind so I’ve gone back over the past few weeks work and tried to put some order to the shoots and events that have been taking up my time. It’s been an incredible month. And, like a child picking their chocolate bar over their fruit, I am selecting some of my favourite recent jobs. Portraits that I have taken in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and er… Australia will gradually grace my pages here. So lets kick off with an idyllic dorset setting. This current shoot are of the quite lovely Oli and Charlie, who, before I myself stepped on a plane to Oz, came to Dorset from Cairns, Australia for their portraits in Dorset earlier in the month.


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Set in their Grandmother’s¬†beautiful English country gardens which wouldn’t be out of place in the pages of Country Living¬†offered me the perfect back lit canvas for children’s portraits on location. This coupled with two wonderful personalities, made this a dream commission for any portrait photographer. Using the location was not a problem, it offered everything a location portrait photographer loves – but there is nothing better than stumbling across little gems. This being a neglected rocking horse, all alone in a crowded shed (if you’ve read the Discontented Pony when, you will know where I am coming from) which we dragged out for an airing and bought back to life.