The newly opened, yet firmly established, spectacular Hauser & Wirth Somerset contemporary art space, sits on the periphery of the small town of Bruton which in it’s own fairly discreet landscape, is becoming a powerful climate within the art world. Bruton, hosts the already established At the Chapel , where Catherine Butler and her team have synchronized food and art so brilliantly – having worked with Catherine, it’s very clear how and why the whole thing just works. The understated branding doesn’t need to shout and is a tease for the visitor, a quality which is carried through into the menu.

This ethos is firmly adhered at the new Roth Bar & Grill, sat centrally within the renovated farm buildings & the gardens of acclaimed landscape designer Piet Oudulf. The Roth is supremely run by Jules Horrell at the helm, with husband Steve heading up the kitchen. It’s easy to kill a whole day here, pondering the art, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea (perhaps even sleeping), and some people watching too. They come from far and wide.

So, I was delighted to be commissioned to produce some commercial photography for Roth Bar & Grills forthcoming website and spent a morning working with the team.

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