I am delighted and humbled to have been selected to feature in the latest Firecracker feature, a site developed by Magnum’s Fiona Rogers to embrace European women photographers in various genres with my Rwandan Portraits.
My trip in 2010 was a project of which I was wholly unaware of what I would come back with, I certainly went in with an open mind and incorrigible hunger to get something special. How would I respond to the enormity of the stories behind the genocide? And the people to me…? Certainly out of my normal zone but one I felt very comfortable with – i think because I wasn’t approaching it in a commercial sense.

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Not wanting to categorise myself in any box with regards a particular genre – I like to think I adapt as a photographer to the situation rather than manipulate the situation to fit within my way of working or the finished piece. But the beauty of working in different areas of photography means you can take something and use it in unchartered territory – it’s only when you are put in that new position that those skills used in every day photographic life raise their heads and are the difference between getting what you want – or not. Observation, communication, sensitivity – getting that balance of respect for the subject yet containing the strong passion and hunger to create something powerful.
Having been searching for some time, an outlet to expose the images in what should be a sensitive but powerful way, I am so delighted that Firecracker is showcasing my work. A handful of the images are available as Special Edition fine art prints, please do get in touch if you would like further information on this or other aspects of my work.