Wedding showcase 2012 – Hotel Grosvenor

I’ve have been mulling over the wedding industry for a while, and it confuses even me with the mass market of products and pricing structures – large variables in what you get for your money etc. so it must be even more confusing for a bride who has just stepped over the threshold of mania to organise her wedding.. Where to look..? You have the ‘Wedding fair’ where all these services come together under one roof offering the same or similar product for variable prices and I’m sure many brides need a stiff drink and trauma therapy after they leave (I know I would) – do you just go with the cheapest option and hope for the best? Certainly within the photographic market place, there is a great misunderstanding – I mean, how hard is it to take a photograph? Any one can buy a decent digital camera these days and produce something half decent if not better than half decent of a shoe and a smile. So why would a bride pay more than £1000 for something they can get for far less…?

I’ve created an opportunity to clarify the importance of commissioning, not necessarily heavily qualified photographers, and not the most expensive, but certainly someone who is fully trained, fully insured and above all, who will dedicate their time to their clients – and perhaps someone who can see beyond quirky composition and a nice expression and god forbid, spot colour. Someone to produce something that is individual and considered, with a knowledge of what is flattering light, how you can lose a dress size purely through how you are stood, .. The images that are taken on your wedding day are not just of you, they are an investment in a memory of each and every person at the wedding. I have been looking for an opportunity to showcase my own work and given the opportunity to talk to brides and their families about the disappointment that I see and the storys of regret that I am told about brides buying into the ‘more is everything’ ethos that some photographers sell who perhaps don’t have the time to dedicate to training and refining their work due to other work commitments or just because they can…. In the climate, cutting corners is a necessity for most, but please don’t have any regrets as to the static memory you have of this..

So… February 26th (10-4) brings a collaboration of the very finest suppliers in the area, the list we will reveal in a couple of weeks – but there is to be just one of each supplier – it is a small and intimate event, giving prospective brides the opportunity to spend quality time in a relaxed atmosphere in order to discuss and digest all the information of offer. I am delighted that the Hotel Grosvenor, one of the county’s most beautiful boutique hotels, has agreed to host and provide a quality backdrop to set the atmosphere.
If you have any queries then please give myself or Catherine a call: 01747 854509. In the meantime, enjoy Christmas and we will be delighted to see you in February x