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A quiet observer, Bella creates a story as it unfolds coupled with accents of beautiful, fine art, evocative photography. Her work is a simplistic method of working with a passion for composition and perfect placement in her unique documentary photographic style. Above all, natural light, wind, rain, the English climate, risk taking, extreme exposures, enables her to create photographs which go beyond the norm. 

There is no template, no one size fits all, your wedding photographs are a legacy that are current, yet hold a timeless quality. You will not receive thousands of photographs, but beautifully composed, intimate moments of your wedding day.

Bella will steal a short time with you on the day to create something very special, as well as a fly on the wall coverage to document the energy of the wedding and your guests. Each composition is considered and her use of graphic, texture and form can elevate the ordinary into something very special.

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