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Hannah & Patrick's Italian Wedding.

Updated: Jan 25

Wedding Planner: Stefania Negra

Hair: Ro at Ro Hair

Paddys Suit: French Connection 

Hello January and friends of my website - long time no write and I've missed it. January historically is the month I get to take stock, regain equilibrium, get a cheeky ski in, do a Saturday shop, normal life stuff and emerging from the hiatus of writing to relive the past years' work. There's no shortage of fodder to be had from me, I've been busier than ever - my posts will just always be a year late. I'm beyond grateful for the obscure working hours, missing parties (with the exception of all my daughter's parties which were sacred), and that I earn a living from something that brings my clients and myself so much reward.

My compromise comes in the form of writing, which I miss during the busy times but I but any attempt at this time will be half a job done and take my mind elsewhere other than on the photographs in hand. So I ditch it until I'm ready in January. It's also insanely difficult to select one's own photographs..

For those here who photograph portraits, events, weddings etc... you know all about that post shoot'hangover' - not from pilfering freebies from the events bar but from the 12+ hour workout involved with photographing a wedding - physical, deep concentration and being that one small step ahead of proceedings.. Keep yourself fit and strong in preparation so you can give your all into the small hours. It can be yoga at home, fit in a couple of runs a week if time allows, walk everywhere, take the stairs etc - but I do urge you to prioritise your health as part of your commitment to your clients. you spend a lot of time tied to editing which is sedatory so keep your body moving.

My own regime varies, but a couple of runs a week, maybe some tennis and most importantly, being part of Empower, a Newquay based functional fitness gym (think crossfit,hyrox) which keeps my over all body strength. Not being a fan of classes - It's a short sharp discipline so doesn't infringe on my low boredom threshold.

A family run business, with Hannah and Patrick at the helm, they've worked through the hell of the pandemic, moving premises, having two beautiful daughters and yet have created a safe, welcoming gym with loyal clients and zero egos. I was so delighted when they asked me to photograph their wedding in Italy last year. With family and friends at the heart, this was to be a wedding week where all those close to them came together not just for the wedding but for a week of partying at the beautiful San Martina Villa which hosted Hannah and Patrick's Italian wedding ceremony and party in true Puglian style.

The morning was mostly spent by the pool with Hannah and Patricks friends and family on hand to get the party started.

Newquays own Ro from Ro Hair

Hannah's meticulous eye for style was interpreted beautifully by planner Stefania Negra which bought everything together for guests to experience a wonderful Italian ceremony hosted by Apulian Ceremonies in the grounds of the villa.

With a garden vista, Hannah's room hosted all the girl shenanigans with Newquay's very own Ro of Ro's Hair working her magic.

A true celebration of family, Paddy and Hannah's daughters Kaiah and Malani I hope, will remember all the love that was around them and having photographs and a video by the skilled hands of Fotografida Mentelelecce and Alberto Chironi who were a delight to have alongside me.

Paddys Suit: French Connection 

Such beautiful set up by  Stefania Negra for an afternoon of Al Fresco celebrations where I lost count of how many courses were served...

And speeches so full of emotion, although I captured them hear as stills, the video by Fotograficamentelecce  & Alberto Chironi is a priceless memory.

Entertainment courtesy of Empower fitness and  Mr and Mrs Grey Luxury Music 

And it was serious entertainment...


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