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Lawrence and Raif. Family portraits at home

I take most of my portraits on location - homes, beaches, garden sheds, stables or somewhere familiar to the family. I've nothing against studio portraits - in fact I duff my cap to the photographer working with high energy kids in a confined space and still manage to pull off a wholesome connection and energy. Taking portraits at home or a place they love to spend time, enables me to put the children in charge of the shoot.

I'll guide the children in the direction of the best light, but from there on, it's all about them creating the energy, having fun and I compose what's in front of me. Making portraits that are natural without the snapshot effect is down to how I use the background, composition and exposures that create drama, sensitivity and character.

This family portraits were taken at the beautiful new home which is in the throws of renovation. Distressed walls with big old windows offering floods of light make for the perfect backdrop.


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